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We have Rail Road Ties!
(limited time only)


Pack Deck - Tight Knot Cedar Decking
2x6 - 8 & 10' lengths

Half Whiskey Barrels 
Garden & All Oak Barrels 


With over 45 years of experience serving Lincoln County, we provide everything for your domestic and commercial projects. If you're in need of new garden beds, wood barrels, parts for your kitchen installation, or a contractor needing an estimate for renovation or new construction.... Look no further!

We Deliver

From large to small orders, we deliver it all.

We specialize in roofing supply deliveries with our conveyor belt truck, making your roofing jobs so much easier!

Safety Record

 High Quality Materials 

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Affordable Prices

We have an excellent safety record for our employees.

Our store and yard are safe for all of our customers,

so please feel free to come and see us for all of your needs.

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